Disabled Brit drags herself to plane toilet after cabin crew ‘told her to wear a nappy’

A disabled woman had to drag herself down the aisle to the bathroom on a flight and claims she was told by cabin crew to wear a nappy.

Jenny Berrie was filmed during the degrading experience on board the AlbaStar plane from Newcastle to Palma, Spain, and the clip has since gone viral with over 5 million views on TikTok.

She claimed in a voiceover staff refused to help her after she found there was no aisle chair – a specially built wheelchair slim enough to move between the seats.

Jenny – who is paralysed from the waist down – said she had been moved to her seat by such a contraption but was told the airline could not keep one on board and it was removed before takeoff.

The viral clip, posted last Tuesday, also shows Jenny’s husband helping to lift her onto the toilet, and she explains: “Obviously, this was quite a small space, so it was a bit of a struggle.”

“When you’ve got to go, you’ve to go, so this is what we had to do,” she added.

She says the crew wouldn’t let her sit “anywhere near the front of the plane even though there was spare seats”.

“One staff member told me quite rudely that disabled people should just wear nappies on board, which I find bizarre that people think that is the solution to this scenario,” she continues.

“They said there wasn’t enough room for an aisle chair, even though they had room to have drinks trolleys, perfume trolleys and cigarette trolleys.

“Every other flight I’ve been on has had an aisle chair.

“Then when I asked to go to the toilet they said no, that they wouldn’t help and they just proceeded to keep serving the drinks, which is great.”

She goes on to say: “There’s a lot of improvements to be made when it comes to accessibility in the travel industry and I hope they are made soon.”

Writing about the ordeal on Instagram, she said: “Life as a disabled person can sometimes be downright degrading and embarrassing, and unfortunately, this was one of them times.

“To be outright told to my face that I should wear a nappy when I don’t need to and that they are happy with that policy made me feel humiliated.”

She has now launched a petition a petition to have aisle chairs mandatory on all UK flights and has gotten almost 5,000 signatures.

In a statement to Insider, AlbaStar said it had expressed its “sincere apologies for the event that recently took place on one of our flights in relation to the flight experience of a passenger with reduced mobility”.

It added: “Aisle wheelchairs are not mandatory as per current regulation, not even recommended nor mentioned when talking about aircraft equipment/furnishing.”

Speaking on Instagram, Jenny said she was happy she “got video footage of it all,” adding: “I know it’s not something people want to see, but without this footage, disabled people simply aren’t believed.”

She said it was “incredibly embarrassing and degrading” to share these experiences online but that she did so to “ensure that things change.”