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Football Video Games – A Tool For Injury RehabilitationFootball Video Games – A Tool For Injury Rehabilitation

Football Video Games A Tool for Injury Rehabilitation

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Tecmo’s 1989 effort was the first football game to truly catch on. Its graphical and gameplay sophistication set the bar for future efforts to come, although it was not enough to fend off rivals such as Acclaim’s NFL Quarterback Club. The latter sported the full NFL license, and included all the teams with real names and actual players. It also boasted detailed player and coach stats, complex playbooks, and the ability to build a full career league with trades and retirements.

“Beyond the Pitch: Exploring the Impact of Soundtracks on Player Engagement in Football Video Games

The next big step was taken in 1993 with Sierra’s revolutionary Front Page Sports: Football. Its complex playbooks and the ability to manage an entire NFL franchise with drafts, free agent signings and trades made it one of the best-selling football games ever.

The next major advancement was ushered in by EA’s shrewd licensing deal with the NFL. In the past four years, the quality of NFL video games has sharply improved as a result. This is largely due to better technology and development skill, but perhaps more importantly, a willingness by gamers to demand it. Whether it is frantically intense as Sensible Soccer or gloriously detailed as FIFA 18, there is now something for everyone on the virtual gridiron.