Day: March 11, 2024

Floor Screeding CompaniesFloor Screeding Companies

Floor screeding companies is the pouring of a thin layer of a material similar to concrete over your subfloor, usually levelling out an uneven surface or providing a flat base on which other flooring can be laid – anything from vinyl, carpet and laminate to floorboards. It can also help with thermal and acoustic insulation and provide a better surface for adhesives to cling to. In addition, it is often used to bury underfloor heating pipes and ensure that they are well-protected.

Screeds can be made on site using conventional sand/cement mixes with a typical cement to sharp sand ratio of 1:3 or they can be factory-mixed and delivered as ready-to-use materials for the same price. Ready-mixed screeds offer an additional quality assurance over site-mixed options and a more consistent mix.

Floor Screeding Companies: A Comprehensive Comparison

There are also pumpable flowing screeds available which can be laid to a very thin (up to 25mm) bonded or unbonded finish. These are typically anhydrite compounds based on calcium sulfate and claim to be quicker to lay than traditional sand/cement screeds, with drying times of just two to three weeks for a 40mm thick floor in good conditions. They can also be force-dried and won’t re-absorb moisture like traditional sand/cement screeds.

When selecting a floor screeding company, check that they have a good reputation with previous clients and can show you testimonials or reviews of their work. They should also have a well-established payment structure so you know that they will complete the job to the highest standards and within budget.